Cryptalloy® RFID Blocking Foil

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*This listing is for RFID Blocking Foil that is sold by the square foot, to buy multiple square feet just increase the quantity*

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Product Description
Cryptalloy® RFID Blocking Foil is produced in Germany by Kryptronic Technologies and we have been buying this amazing material for our production wallets to protect our customer's sensitive information for the last 3 years. This is the best RFID blocking material you can buy that is still flexible and can be sewn or glued into leather or fabric projects. You can look at the technical specs below to see just how powerful Cryptalloy® actually is.
Technical Specifications


Cryptalloy® was developed specifically for the RFID protection of corresponding cards, passports, ID cards etc. Cryptalloy® works not only with attenuation (so-called. RFID protection), but also with disturbance of the tank circuit of the NFC / RFID chips. This is an essential feature of Cryptalloy®.

We don`t know no any material beside Cryptalloy® that satisfies these properties and provides this maximum RFID protection. Already the unilateral use of Cryptalloy® can produce maximum shielding effectiveness.

 Cryptalloy® works broadband, not only to individual frequency ranges. This means that ALL relevant RFID frequencies (LF, HF, UHF) are maximum blocked. Cryptalloy® was tested according to the German / EU standard (TÜV, 51211A) and USA standard (ASTDM D-4935-10). Cryptalloy® outstanding and extremely good RFID shielding attenuation values were certified detectable (appropriate documents please see appendix) - world for all RFID document frequencies and for all RFID documents.

 We develop and test in the low frequency range, because  is here  attenuation (RFID protection) against strongest RFID- readers is given, it is certain that at all RFID - frequencies (LF, HF, UHF, kHz, MHz, GHz) a excellent shielding is achieved. Conversely, this is not so.

 Therefore, we see comparisons in the HF range (high frequency, eg 13.56MHz) and UHF (Ultra High Frequency eg 868 MHz)

as not meaningful to the RFID protection capability for all relevant frequencies. You will find also information in the notes. Products produced from or with Cryptalloy® provide maximum safety

(assuming proper use of Cryptalloy® in products) for all cards, passports, ID cards with RFID / NFC / radio chip and at all relevant RFID frequencies.The statement by Professor Paul is certainly giving special importance. Please see in the appendix. Professor Pauli is a recognized expert in the field of shielding attenuation.

Cryptalloy® achieved outstanding provable RFID blocking results on ALL relevant RFID frequencies (100 kHz to 4 GHz = low frequencies (LF), high frequencies (HF), ultra high frequencies (UHF) ).

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