8mm Rivet Back Sam Browne Button Stud

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This 8mm Sam Browne style button stud is a fantastic piece of hardware for a number of home and leathercraft projects including leather bracelets, bags, belts, tool rolls, cord organizers, knife sheaths and more. It is constructed from 100% solid brass and has a Nickel Plate Finish for added durability. Its rivet back ensures that you get a permanent setting. These button stud are sold in sets: One Set includes one button stud (top piece) and one rivet post (bottom piece).

  • SIZED RIGHT: Each Sam Browne style button stud has a Head Diameter of 8mm (5/16"), Base Diameter of 11mm (7/16") and Post Length = 8mm(5/16")
  • GREAT RANGE OF USE: Perfect for DIY craft projects using leather between 10oz-3oz or between a thickness of 3/16" to 3/64".
  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: These rivet back studs are made from 100% solid brass and nickel plated for a brilliant look and feel.
  • PERMANENT AND RELIABLE: Rivet back ensures a secure and permanent fixture instead of screw backs that come loose and get lost.
  • SOLD IN SETS: One (1) set includes one (1) button stud (top piece) and one (1) rivet post (bottom piece): These nickel plated studs are available in three quantities to suit any leather project size: Single Set Pack, Five Set Pack and Ten Set Pack.


Technical Specifications:

  • Button Head Diameter: 8mm (5/16")
  • Base Diameter: 11mm (7/16")
  • Post Length: 8mm (5/16")
  • Studs can be used with leather (between 10oz and 3oz), rubber, hypalon, vinyl, other similar materials between 3/16" and 3/64".

How It Works

The button stud is riveted onto part of your project where it will be stable and out of the way. Then the strap or flap that needs to be secured has at least one hole punched in it that is about 3/16 of an inch in diameter that the stud will be pressed through from the underside of the strap or flap.

Button Stud Installation:

  • Find where you want the stud to be positioned and punch a 1/8" hole there.
  • From the back side of the leather push the rivet post through the hole.
  • Place the Button Stud head onto the rivet post.
  • Find or make a metal setting tool. All the tool needs to be is a piece of metal with a hole in it that is large enough for the head of the stud to fit into, but not so large that the base of the stud fits into the hole.
  • Place the Button Stud in the hole of your tool so that your project is upside down and you can see the base of the rivet post.
  • Hammer the Rivet Post into the Button Stud until the whole assembly is snug on the leather.