Download and Print Patterns

This guide is meant to help you through the process of purchasing, downloading and printing our patterns to scale. We have made this process as simple and easy as we could. You can watch this video on how to do it or continue reading below.


Download and Print Our Leather Craft Patterns in a few easy steps.

1. Once you have purchased one our our downloadable leather craft patterns there will be an email sent to you with a link to the download.

2. Open the link and download the PDF file. If the pattern includes multiple files it may come in a zipped folder. All computers can use a zipped folder.

3. If the patterns came in a zipped folder just find the folder in your "Downloads Folder" and right click on the folder. Then click "Extract files". This will open a new folder that gives you access to all files that were included in the folder.

4. Open the file in Adobe Acrobat or in your browser. Then select "Print".

5. Print Settings must be set to "100% Scale". Also select your paper size as "Letter" which is 8.5" x 11".

6. Use the "Print Preview" button to see if the entire pattern is going to print on one page. If it isn't going to fit, change the paper orientation to Landscape or Portrait.

7. Print your patterns on Cardstock paper so you have a nice stiff pattern.

8. Measure your patterns after they are printed to see if they match the dimensions on the pattern. If the pattern printed smaller or larger than the dimensions say it should be you will want to go back to your print settings and repeat steps 4-6.

9. If you continue to have problems don't hesitate to contact us.