The Top 10 Leather Shop Secrets That Speed You Up & Improve Your Quality E-Book

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In this 24 page E-Book you'll learn some of the little-known tricks that Tyler has learned along the way while building Rugged Material.

These tips are focused on setting up your leather shop to help you work faster and produce better quality leather goods.

Some of the topics covered are: Cutting tools, Cutting Surfaces, Tool fixtures, Laser Cutters, and edge finishing. Plus, there is a bonus at the end.

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"Hi, I'm Tyler. Back in 2013 I started a business out of my obsession with making things out of leather.

Rugged Material is the name of that business and it's a men's brand that is made up primarily of leather products. We've had some great successes with it and survived a lot of "learning experiences" (mistakes).

By now I've spent over 15,000 hours on this craft and it's my pleasure to share what I have learned with you. I created this site as a place for me to share what I've learned about Leather working, product design, production, craft-centered business, crowdfunding and whatever other things that you want to learn related to leather craft or selling your handmade goods."


We hope you enjoy this E-Book.