Leather Pocket Knife Slip Pattern (3 Pack)

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Project Description

The Leather Pocket Knife Slip is growing in popularity in the Everyday Carry (EDC) crowd as a way to protect your smartphone from your pocket knife, organize your pockets and keep high-end knives protected from wear and tear. Many people like to use these types of slips for pens and flashlights as well. The patterns for this project come in 3 sizes. The Small fits most knives with a 2"- 2.5" blade with overall length of 3". The Medium fits most knives with a 2.75"- 3" blade and overall length of 4". The large fits most knives with a 3.25" - 3.5" blade and overall length of 4.75".

This is a tutorial meant to teach the basics of leather craft. In following this tutorial you will learn tips for cutting leather, hand stitching leather, cluing and edge finishing.

Project Instructions

  These video instructions are free on YouTube.

Tools & Materials Required

Tools: Something to cut pattern and leather, Hole punch, Straight Edge, 1/4" Eyelet Setter, Scratch Awl, 2 Blunt Stitching Needles, 6 Prong & 2 Prong Chisel Punches, The Rugged Material Radius Tool and a piece of canvas or denim .

Materials: 5-6 oz leather (.080"/2mm thick), 1/4" eyelet, .030" Waxed thread, Leather dye, beeswax, 10" of Paracord, a Bead, a small piece of canvas or denim.

 Pattern Download and Printing Instructions

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