Business Card Holder Pattern

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Project Description

Business Cards are an essential part of making connections and creating value in the business world today. If your not in business for yourself I'm sure you know someone who is and would love a nice, professional place to put their business cards. This project is simple and fun for beginning leather crafters and the business card holder makes a great gift.

This pattern fits standard business cards and when paired with our video tutorial is a great project to learn: Leather cutting, Leather gluing, Leather stitching and leather edge finishing.

Project Instructions

  These video instructions are free on YouTube.

Tools & Materials Required

Tools: Something to cut pattern and leather, Straight Edge, Scratch Awl, 2 Blunt Stitching Needles, 6 Prong & 2 Prong Chisel Punches, The Rugged Material Radius Tool and a piece of canvas or denim .

Materials: 2-3 oz leather (.050"/1.25mm thick), .030" Waxed thread, Leather dye and beeswax.

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